Swiss Tour : great report ( Hirsch inside)

Now that the 2011 Geneva Auto Show has ended, Saab decided that instead of putting their cars from the show onto a truck and shipping them straight back to Sweden, they could instead host a series of events around Switzerland to show off their full line. Advertised by flyers handed out at the show (as well as marketing materials sent to current Saab owners), the event kicked off Tuesday night in the Swiss town of Rothrist. Staying just ten minutes from Rothrist on a visit to Switzerland, and being totally Saab crazy, I had to be there.

The event was hosted not at a Saab dealership, but instead at an events venue called Stilhaus. The parking lot was packed a lot of Saab vehicles, several of them wearing Hirsch Performance badges. Upon approaching the Stilhaus in Rothrist, there were visible inflatable pylons decorated with the I ♥ Saab logo. Near the entrance, a selection of beautifully kept classic Saabs, owned by SAABclub Switzerland member, was on display. Beyond those, a red carpet was literally rolled out to welcome guests.




Photo & text by Kevin Miller

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