The Saab 9.5X imagined by theophiluschin.com

If only this could come to reality

Si seulement elle pouvait devenir réalité .





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Saab 9.5 Kombi spotted in Vänersborg

Elle existe et roule également !

She exist and can run ! Daniel Rydén has taken this photo yesterday in Vänersborg , close to Trollhättan ! Thank you Daniel for sharing this on the Saab Cars Facebook page !


saab 9.5 kombi

Sans titre.png

 credit photo : Daniel Rydén

Update : Tim at Saabsunited inform us that it is a US Version with a special rear hatch .Tim de Saabsunited nous précise qu'il s'agit là de la version américaine du modèle avec un dessin de la malle arrière spécifique .

More precisions provided by Wulf on Saabworld.net .Very interesting :

Added by Wulf:

The picture shows the hatch design for the North American market. A search for the license plate CLU 045 number shows the Vehicle Identification Number is YS3GR5AR1C9000015. Using the guide for VIN decoding here on SaabWorld, this translates to:

Y = Northern Europe
S = Sweden
3 = Saab Automobile
G = 9-5
R = Model series (unknown)
5 = 5-door
A = 6-speed automatic/FWD
R = 2.0T I4
1 = check digit
C = 2012 model year
9 = place of manufacture: Trollhattan pre-series
000015 = serial number

The above information shows this is a vehicle used for testing and is not an actual production model. Regular production Saabs use a 3 or 4 for the place of manufacture for Trollhattan. I don't know how many Saab 9-5 SportCombi have been produced so far but serial number 15 seems an early test vehicle.

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The Saab 9.5 kombisport haunts Trollhättan

Djup Strupe , fidèle lecteur de Saabsunited s'est spécialisé dans le safari photo à Trollhättan autour de la 9.5 break , et ce par tout les temps .Merci à lui !!


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