AutoBild.de place la 9.5 sur le podium des plus belles de l'année [Video]

Il fallait que Audi l'emporte mais la Saab 9.5 arrive 2ème dans ce classement organisé par le magazine allemand Autobild ! Sur le fond on apprecie la rupture totale avec la 9.5 ancienne génération et sur la forme l'aerodynamisme du design .



 She could have won but the 9.5 finished second behind an Audi of course .

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A Saab 9.6 for facing the Audi A.6

C'est l'idée qu'a révelé JAJ lors d'une interview donnée fin Mars au journal Automotiveworld.com .On apprend donc que l'idée de baptiser la 9.5 actuelle Saab 9.6 a été mise sur la table des discussions .

" La 9.3 est une rival de l'Audi A4 et le restera .Tandis que la 9.5 a pour concurrente l'Audi A6.Et nous avons eu une discussion pour savoir si on devait appeler la nouvelle 9.5 avec la dénomination 9.6 et d'affirmer en meme temps que la nouvelle 9.5 est supèrieure en gamme à la précédente génération .Mais finalement nous avons décidé de garder l'ancienne dénomination ainsi que pour la 9.3 .Concernant cette dernière quand on regarde l'histoire de Saab , on peut penser que le hayon devrait faire son retour sur la future 9.3 "

That idea was revealed in an interview of JAJ given at the end of March to Automotiveworld.com . We learn therefore that the idea of baptizing the 9.5 Saab 9.6 has been on the table for discussions.

"The 9.3 is a rival to the Audi A4 and will remain so. While the 9.5 is a competitor for the Audi A6. So we had a discussion about whether we should call the new 9.5 with 9.6 and suggesting in the same time that  the new 9.5 is superior in range to the previous generation. But finally we decided to keep the old name and for the 9.3 too. Regarding the 9.3 when you look back at the history of Saab, we can assume that Hatch is expected to return to the future 9.3 "

credit photo : automotorsport.se


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C'est beau une Saab 9-5 [Video]

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Saab celebrates history of Iconic Model Saab 9-5 in UK

With the launch of Saab’s most advanced car to date, the all-new Saab 9-5 Saloon and the arrival of the 9-5 SportWagon later this year, Saab is celebrating the history of this range by giving classic 9-5 owners the opportunity to revitalise their car.

Available for 9-5 models dating back as far as 1998, the Saab 9-5 accessories promotion will include engine tuning kits, body kits, alloy wheels, cargo items and more at great prices.   

Renowned for their longevity and durability, Saab vehicles as old as thirteen years are just as reliable as today’s models. Whatever the age, every Saab 9-5 will be able to benefit from an investment in updated accessories.

Designed to ensure optimum functionality, quality and performance, all 9-5 accessories are genuine Saab parts and prices include fitting where necessary.

Saab’s dedicated Owners Area website, an online loyalty club for Saab owners of three years or more, offers members access to all the latest Saab news and offers, as well savings on both parts and labour. The classic 9-5 accessories range is available to view on the Saab GB Owners Area website, visit www.saabserviceclub.co.uk for more information.

David Leighton, Business Development Manager – After Sales at Saab GB comments: “The 9-5 has always been a well-loved model with Saab customers and we thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate this classic model with customers by holding a 9-5 accessories promotion.

“Revitalising your car with accessories such as new wheels or fine tuning your engine can really breathe new life into the performance of your car and the driving experience, whilst customising your boot space or adding handy items such as tow or roof bars, can really help personalise your car to suit your lifestyle.

For further information about the 9-5 accessories promotion please visit your local Saab dealership.


For further information please contact:

Jackie Allard, Saab GB PR Manager, Tel: 01234 756 843/07775 824 982 
Email:  Jackie.Allard@Saab.com

Photo : Saablog-in

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Another view of the Saab 9.5 Estate

Auto Moto is a french magazine where another view of the 9.5 Estate is purposed .




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