Police 9-5

La police Anglaise aussi en Saab !











  • Saab 9-5 260bhp 2.3HOT Aero models for traffic police
  • Evaluation leads to first orders for police specification model

    LOTHIAN and Borders Police has added three top of the range 2.3 HOT (High Output Turbo) police specification Saab 9-5s as traffic cars to its 580-strong mixed fleet of cars, vans and motorbikes, following an evaluation process over several months. The Edinburgh-based force is using one saloon and two estate cars for a number of duties around the city and in the Borders region.

    The vehicles were specially converted to police specification and supplied by Saab, Vauxhall and Chevrolet Special Vehicle Operations, based at Papworth, Cambridgeshire.

    Lothian Police fleet manager, ‘Digger’ McCulloch, said the powerful 9-5s had been very well received by police drivers and had been used for a number of duties, including royal visits. “There has been a very positive reaction to the 9-5 which we are now using as front line traffic vehicles after evaluating the car over a period of time and differing road conditions,” he said.

    The 260bhp Saab 2.3T four-cylinder engine has a top speed of 152mph and a 0-60mph time of 6.9 seconds. In fourth gear it takes just 5.5 seconds to travel from 40-60mph, making it ideal for most police work.
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    Police Suisse

    La police suisse a pour le moment une 9-3 SH en test !

    Switzerland police forces try the 9-3SH  !




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    Quelques infos sur ce modèle ... Il s'agit d'une "Police Testcar". En gros, certaines marques comme Saab, Opel ou encore VW proposent des véhicules avec équipements police montés d'usine. Pour faire de la "pub" pour ces véhicules, ils en fabriquent 1 ou 2 qu'ils prêtent aux différents corps de police pour qu'ils puissent tester ces voitures dans des conditions de travail habituelles d'ou le nom de "Police Testcar".
    Celle-ci avait le moteur 2.0T de 210cv
    Merci Hugo !

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