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On May 2nd, Saab announced that it had come together with Hawtai to form an alliance that would see the Saab 9-3 produced in China and Hawtai make some serious investments in Saab’s European operations that would help to keep the wolf from the door. A hastily organised press conference was announced for May 3rd, the first day back at work for China after the extended weekend. From start to finish, Saab management spent 9 days on talking with Chinese partners, they talked with Greatwall, Youngman and Jiangsu Yueda, of course Hawtai won out in the end as the dark horse, but notably Saab’s friends at Beijing Auto were not interested in the deal this time around.

Prior to Hawtai’s buying into Spyker and thus Saab, a quick succession of senior management walked out of Hawtai’s doors never to return. Hawtai CEO Mr. Liu Zhi Gang and also Vice President Mr. Xu Chao, left their posts at Hawtai in recent weeks for reasons that are still unclear, however the pair of them leaving at a critical time for the company, Hawtai are aiming to move from being a small time SUV maker into a high end sedan manufacturer with a series of new sedans.

Looking over the Hawtai list of CEO’s is quite the task, Hawtai Group have been in the automotive business for 11 years, but during that 11 years they have had 6 people take the CEO position at Hawtai Auto and all have left after averaging 2 years on the job. But the CEO is not the only person to have jumped ship in the past few weeks, the auto sales company general manager, the vice manager, and the director have all left their positions, looking over at the Hawtai Group that owns Hawtai Auto is a similar story – the group CEO, as did his immediate subordinate and director, even the holding company director has left.

The B11 sedan was supposed to be Hawtai’s big game plan to revitalize the company and move them from their Hyundai based SUV’s and into the high end sedan market, the B11 launched in December but early sales indicate that the car is not moving as fast as expected, January saw just 450 B11′s sold, but sales picked up in march at 868 units sold and dropped slightly in April to 860 units sold. The B11 launch was spearheaded by former CEO, Liu Zhi Gang, it is possible that poor sales of the B11 are what pushed him out of a job.

Liu Zhi Gang came to Hawtai from Brilliance, his predecessor at Hawtai who also walked out after two years in the captains chair was a Mr. Tong Zhi Yuan. Mr. Tong jumped from the Hawtai ship to help Geely with the Volvo takeover, but prior to his leaving he was heavily involved in negotiations with Saab when GM were considering selling Saab to Beijing Auto Industry Corporation. BAIC were deep in talks with GM, they wanted the Opel brand, the technology, the IPR and the factories, but only the first and the last of these things were on the table. BAIC’s rival, Shanghai Auto Industry Corp, were a little uneasy about their northern neighbor getting their hands on Opel, especially as they already produced the Opel Insignia and Astra in China under the Buick name, having to do a deal with BAIC would have been uncomfortable to say the least. Later the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the government department that is charged with overseeing all overseas investments over 100 million USD shut down the BAIC-Opel deal as there was clearly nothing valuable on the table, the Chinese government wants its state owned car companies to acquire technology, not overseas factories and worker liabilities. It’s hard to see how this situation has changed at all, Saab’s 9-5 sedan rides on top of the Epsilon II platform which is of course shared with the Buick Regal in short wheelbase form and long wheelbase form for the larger Buick Lacrosse.MORE ON chinacartimes.com

On apprend aujourd'hui plus de faits concernant la compagnie Hawtai .Ainsi il semblerait que la compagnie existe depuis 11 ans avec durant cette periode pas moins de six changements de direction .Les avants derniers en date , sont partis officiellement à cause de l'échec de leur 1ere berline , la B11 , mais en fait les raisons sont moins claires .

De plus contrairement à ce qui avait annoncé , Hawtai n'a pas les moyens de rééquiper son usine dans l'optique de produire des Saab 9.3 en 2013 .

Et puis le gouvernement chinois se montre de plus en plus trict vis-à-vis de ces alliances entre compagnies occidentales et chinoises avec des demandes de garanties extremement dures .PSA en fait l'experience récemment .


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Objectif Chine !

JAJ et VM ne cachent plus leurs ambitions futures concernant le marché émergent que constitue la Chine et dans une moindre mesure la Russie .Des négociations sont en cours pour une mise en place d'un réseau de distribution dès 2011 .L'annonce a été faite en marge du Salon de Los Angeles .Et "jusqu'au lancement de la nouvelle 9-3 en 2012 ce seront quelques centaines de véhicules qui devraient ètre écoulés en Chine " selon JAJ.L'objectif est d'ètre présent dans 5 ou 6 villes au travers d'une douzaine de distributeurs .

L'idée d'une unité de production sur place mûrit également .Mais pour cela il faudrait selon Victor Muller un volume de vente effectif de 10 000 véhicules à l'année .Ces usines produiraient alors la nouvelle 9-3 tandis que la 9-5 & 9-4 seraient importées .

LOS ANGELES -- Saab Automobile AB plans to begin distribution to China some time in 2011. A deal is expected to be signed by year end, CEO Jan Ake Jonsson said this week. “Until we launch the new 9-3 at the end of 2012, it will be just a couple of thousand units (annually), all based on imports. As we lead up to this, we have to make a decision if and when we are going to introduce local manufacturing in China,” Jonsson said on the sidelines of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Among the issues to be resolved by the end of this year is “defining the dealer network” in China, he said. Saab needs to be present in five or six cities, with a total of 10 to 15 dealers, he said. A distribution deal for Russia also is expected to be announced by the end of the year. Details were not revealed. If a decision is made to assemble vehicles in China, production would begin with the next-generation 9-3. The 9-5 and the upcoming 9-4X crossover would be imported.

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