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Hi Everybody, this is my first post on this blog, thank you for welcoming me.


I am very fascinated of modified Saabs, so when i saw these three Solstad saabs, i couldt resist writing a few words about them, i am not sure if all of the three is genuine solstad saabs , The name Solstad Saab comes from a company owned by Robert Solstad in Högsby, Sweden and that company was modifying Saabs, especially this cartransport model, ambulances and more.Saab, 9000, cartransport, solstad, After this it seems that all saab modified to cartransports Is called solstad saabs, so its hard to now exactly if you look at a real Solstad Saab.



Here is three different models for sale on the swedish internet site www.blocket.se now:

Saab 900 cartransport

Saab 9000 Solstad Cartransport

Saab 9-5 Movie recording car

The grey 9-5 started its life as a camera car, and was used to record different movies, saw it live on the Saab festival a couple of years ago. Solstad saab is in bankruptcy since many years.

saab car solstad transport










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