The reasons why a Saab 9.5 and not another car

For the past few weeks, I’ve had a car-shaped hole in my life. I recently sold my first ever 
set of wheels – an 
old Saab 900 Turbo, which had occupied 
a massive place in 
my heart (and bank balance) for more than six 
years. And while I don’t regret moving it on, I still miss it.
But with the arrival of our 
new long-term 9-5, that void has been filled – and I’m once again 
a happy man behind the wheel. As a Saab enthusiast, I have a keen interest in the firm’s fate, and hope it overcomes its current struggles – because the latest 9-5 shows exactly what it’s capable of.
Having driven every variant 
of the brand’s new executive car, I knew which version would shine on our fleet. The sporty Aero model, with its deep bumpers, 19-inch turbine alloys and Glacier Silver metallic paint, really catches the eye. The addition of tinted rear windows ensures it looks every inch the expensive executive, 
and it has huge road presence.
So far, it’s attracted plenty of attention, stopping neighbours in their tracks and provoking lots of positive comments. Those who have ridden in the car have been equally impressed, particularly 
by the amount of room and its distinctive cabin design.
Amis francophones je vous invite à utiliser le google translation tool pour lire ce vibrant pladoyer en faveur de la 9.5

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Danke sehr für dein Besuch .Ich freue mich das du magst hier zu sein . Tschüss

Écrit par : Golfhunter | 21/04/2011

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I know what it is to drive the new 95. I've got the car on the 2 july 2010 ( 1st one delivered in Belgium) It is still the best Saab they ever build!!
Good luck with your superb 95


Écrit par : spartacus | 21/04/2011

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