Scandaleux et diffamant !

Tim , nouveau rédacteur en chef de Saabsunited m'a demandé de publier ce coup de gueule , lassé qu'il est par l'attitude diffamatoire , mensongère et irresponsable de certains journalistes suèdois . Les ouvriers avaient déjà boycotté SVT.se la semaine dernière , refusant de repondre à leurs questions pour exprimer leur ras-le-bol vis à vis d'une certaine presse suèdoise ironique et negative quant aux chances de survie de Saab .


There has been an article written by Mr Ulf Nilsson published by the evening paper Expressen on the 12th of april. Ulf used to drive a SAAB 9000 but no more SAAB for him, which is pretty obvious in his writing. Ulf Nilsson is an established writer for Expressen and has been so for many years. So with many years of experience he should know the basic things of journalism that even I know as an amateur, that you only publish facts or opinions that you can back up with facts… well apparently not…

In this article Ulf starts to point out: “you can not mention the word quality and Saab on the same day, hardly the same month, said expressens car expert Håkan Matson” Ulf agrees fully and proudly tells us that he will soon pick up his second BMW. He also claims in his article that many people in Sweden feels the same way and uses last years sales figures as a reference to his opinion. I have been in contact with Erina Halling at Expressen who is one of the people responsible for the content published. This article was in fact read and approved by one of their other Editors named Lina Modin. Erina could not provide SaabsUnited with any proof of Saab having bad quality and said that it is the writers right to express his opinion without being able to back up that opinion with facts? In the article Ulf also indirectly expresses that BMW has much better quality since he no longer drives a SAAB. If one were to look at the number of cars that are not approved by the annual check a car in Sweden must go through every year since 1997 when the 9000 was replaced by the 9-5, one would find that SAAB places it self MUCH higher on the list of approved cars rather than BMW. So again, Ulf’s statement is false! If Saab does not resolve its issues, the payment of SAAB’s guarantees will fall upon the swedish taxpayers – which would be (using bad language) When asked for proof about this claim, Erina could not provide me with proof of this either, it is the opinion of the writer and therefore equal to the truth… Again an opinion is the truth and does not need to be proved… Listening to Jonas Fröberg this morning, gives an indication of the extreme lack of knowledge among Expressens writers and editors. Jonas is well read into the subject and well informed about matters regarding Saab.

It could fall upon the Russian Vladimir Antonov, a well known GANGSTER… Lets look up the meaning of the word “gangster”: A gangster is a criminal who is a member of a gang. Some gangs are considered to be part of organized crime. Again I asked Erina if they could prove to the readers of SaabsUnited that Mr Antonov is gangster and if they had any records of criminal acts committed by Mr Antonov. She did not have any… she claimed that there are suspicions about criminal behaviour and him being part of organized crime, again I asked if she could provide me with information about the person or agency who currently has these suspicions, she could not… Said in short: Saab has either to expect bankruptcy or a future in the hands of a mobster. Which one is the worst is up to you to decide…

I dont know about you but I get so sick and tired of these ignorant writers who just wants to express their own opinion as “news”. This article was published on Sweden’s second biggest evening news providers website and was there for anyone to read.

Erina claims that the opinion of the writers are not the opinion of the news papers, but still it was read and approved for print by one of their own editors??? Anything said = the truth, no proof necessary…

I thank god that this is not the system used in the courtrooms in this country! But right now Expressen is in, as said by Adley, the US representative to the United Nation during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the courtroom of world opinion! The full article can be found here: http://www.expressen.se/1.2399105 Ulf Nilssons E-Mail address is printed at the bottom, I suggest you drop him a line asking him to back his opinions up with real facts!

A BIG THANX TO LARS for the tip!


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