Good bye Spyker Cars , hello Swedish Automobile NV

Spyker Cars changes its name . It will name from now on Swedish Automobile NV.This is the expression of the will to be completely involved and linked to Saab's destiny .

UPDATE : we now that Spyker hasn't been alowed to use Saab in its new name by Saab AB , the defense departement .

Spyker's name change plans came about following the sale its high-end sports car manufacturing business synonymous with the Dutch carmaker.

In February, Spyker announced it was selling its sports car business to a UK-based company controlled by Russian financier Vladimir Antanov in order to focus solely on developing Saab Autombile, which was purchased by Spyker in February 2010.

Spyker has since indicated it wants to change its name to something that more reflects its new focus, but Swedish defence contractor Saab AB remained cool to the idea of Spyker using 'Saab' in its new name.

Instead, Spyker plans to vote to change its name to Swedish Automobile at its upcoming annual meeting, scheduled for May 19th, according to Sveriges Radio (SR).

"The reason is that we haven't been able to reach an agreement with Saab AB yet," Spyker CEO Victor Muller told the TT news agency on Thursday.


Spyker Cars change de nom et s'appelera dorénavant Swedish Automobile NV. C'est l'expression d'une volonté de se consacrer uniquement à Saab .

MISE A JOUR : nous apprenons qu'il y a eu un differend entre l'entité SAAB AB (défense) et Spyker . L'utilisation de l'appelation Saab a été refusée à Spyker par Saab AB .

Source : VK.nl

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Les SAAB deviennent donc des SANV !

Écrit par : etienne | 07/04/2011

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Oula alors toi tu as mangé un clown ce matin hihihi

Écrit par : Golfhunter | 07/04/2011

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Another new name: Antanov Cars ( something out off Russia)
Vladi Cars

Écrit par : spartacus | 09/04/2011

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