Saab in the storm , but the captain is strong and confident .

In NL , the press media say that Victor Muller did something exceptionnal by purchasing Saab but that he has a default : he never finishes the job he began . In short , the swedish and dutch medias are extremely aggresive with Victor Muller . A lot of them suggest that VM is not able to save Saab .And any "glitch" is the opportunity to express a kind of hate about Victor Muller .The video below is typical .It's a compilation of bad intentions about Saab-Spyker and especially Victor Muller .

Les medias autant suèdois que hollandais se sont bien déchainés profitant du moindre évènement pour exprimer une agressivité et une haine vis à vis de Victor Muller .Pour preuve ce sujet hollandais qui compile tout ce qu'il y a eu de pire de dit ces derniers temps : fournisseurs non payés , mauvais niveau de vente avec à la tête du groupe Saab-Spyker un dirigeant qui a eu un certain culot en rachetant Saab mais qui ne finit jamais ce qu'il a commencé .

Thank you Pieter for the link and translation !!


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I am not sure if it's hate against Saab, as Dutch in general are critical towards a lot of things, I guess it's more a cultural thing....

Écrit par : Pieter | 05/04/2011

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Hi Pieter .I ignored that dutch were very critical . Then it's good to know . Thank you for those precisions and your contribution .

Écrit par : Golfhunter | 05/04/2011

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