Spyker Sportscars N.V for sale

Spyker Cars, qui est propriétaire de Saab Automobile, a écrit une lettre d'intention de vendre l'entreprise de voitures de sport  à une société britannique ( RPC Global Holdings Limited )appartenant au financier russe Vladimir Antonov , selon un communiqué de presse de Spyker Cars. L'objectif etant de changer le nom de Spyker et mettre l'accent sur Saab.

Spyker PDG Victor Muller semblerait avoir décidé de vendre la division de voitures de sport. L'acheteur, pour un prix total de 32 millions d'euros, est le Russe Vladimir Antonov financier, écrit DI.

15 millions payables de suite ,et  17 millions à payer au cours de la période 2011-2016.

Victor Muller continue en tant que PDG de la société de voitures de sport Spyker jusqu'à ce qu'un remplaçant soit nommé.


· Spyker Cars N.V.– the EURONEXT-listed holding company which operates the
Spyker and Saab Automobile premium car brands – has signed a Memorandum
of Understanding to sell the assets of its Spyker sportscar business (the
“Spyker Business”) to a private UK holding company, CPP Global Holdings
Limited, which is owned by Vladimir Antonov.
· Indicative terms include a purchase price of 15 million Euros plus a 17 million
Euros earn-out. The proceeds will be used to reduce Spyker Cars N.V.’s debt.
· Within 6 months of completion of the sale and subject to certain conditions, it
is envisaged that Tenaci Capital B.V. would convert the 9.5 million Euro
Convertible Loan at 3.75 Euros per share and 7.5 million Euros of its loans at
5.50 Euros per share to further reduce debt and interest.
· This transaction would allow Spyker Cars N.V., which will change its name
shortly, to exclusively focus on the Saab Automobile business while reducing
debt and improving operating results through reduced interest expenses and
removing the operating losses related to the Spyker Business.
Zeewolde, The Netherlands, 24 February 2011 – Spyker Cars N.V. has signed a
Memorandum of Understanding with CPP Global Holdings Limited, a UK-based
company owned by Vladimir Antonov, concerning a potential sale of the Spyker
sportscar business.
The transaction would be structured as an asset purchase of virtually all assets related to the
Spyker Business, including the Spyker trademarks and other intellectual property rights, and
would be subject to several conditions precedent, including the outcome of Purchaser's due
diligence. If completed, the proceeds of the purchase price will be used to reduce Spyker
Cars N.V. indebtedness to Tenaci Capital B.V., an investment company controlled by Spyker
Cars N.V. CEO, Victor Muller, thereby reducing its interest burden going forward. The
indicative purchase price would consist of two elements: 15 million Euros due on closing and
a maximum of 17 million Euros payable in instalments over the period 2011-2016 from the
Spyker Business’ Earnings Before Taxes.
To further reduce Spyker Cars N.V.’s debt, it is envisaged that within 6 months of completion
of the sale Tenaci Capital B.V. would convert its Convertible Loan for the amount of 9.5

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