VIDEO from Ally Financial and Synaptic Digital to buy a new Saab in the US

Online Tools Help Keep Consumer on Track

When shopping around for a new car, most people have to finance their new vehicle. Calculating your budget before stepping into a dealership showroom can save you time and money.

New online tools, like Ally Financial’s payment estimator, make it easy for shoppers to figure out how much they can afford. For example, a good benchmark is that the total vehicle cost shouldn’t be more than approximately 18 percent of your take-home monthly income. Ally’s payment estimator could provide a more accurate estimate than other tools in the market because it includes local market incentives available on General Motors, Chrysler and Saab vehicles as part of the calculation.

To use the payment estimator, enter the make, model, and year of the car you’re interested in. Then enter the down payment, the term of the financing and your zip code. When complete, it estimates the monthly payment with applicable incentives and offers additional payment options.

Ally Financial is a leading provider of automotive financing to U.S. consumers. The company financed more consumer new vehicle purchases in the U.S. than any other lender during 2010, according to AutoCount data by Experian Automotive.*

In 2010, Ally financed more than 803,000 new vehicle purchases, resulting in nearly $23 billion in consumer retail contracts in the U.S. Ally accounted for one in every eight new vehicle purchases that are financed in this country. In total, combining new and used vehicles, purchases and leases, Ally financed $31.6 billion in consumer auto contracts in the U.S. in 2010.

Ally Financial accepts financing applications for new and used vehicles from dealers of all auto makes, and is the preferred provider of financing for the automotive dealer networks of General Motors, Chrysler, Saab, Suzuki, Fiat and Thor Industries.

La société de crédit Ally aidant au financement l'achat de véhicules , entre autres Saab , sur le marché américain vient d'effectuer une nouvelle communication autour de ses nouveaux services .Ce sont quelques 803 000 achats de véhicules qui ont été financés aux USA par cette société l'année dernière .La vidéo proposée ci-dessous simule l'acquisition et le financement d'une Saab 9.3 cabriolet .



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