Saab owners club of Spain gathering at Santiago Compostella

For those you won't be able to join Spa this week end , on Saturday, February 19th, Saab owners from (Club SAAB España) will be meeting in the historic city of Santiago de Compostela, in northwestern Spain.

That city is the end of a historic pilgrimage route that many Christians follow. The Saab rally starts at 10 a.m. at the Hotel Puerta del Camino in Santiago. There will be a breakfast and also a briefing. The rally will continue to Costa da Morte. After a break, it will eventually head back to Santiago where tasty Galician stew will be served for lunch. 150 km of driving is planned so full fuel tanks at the start, please! The cost is €30, including meals and entrance fees. The deadline for registration is February 11th!

That's not all. This program also includes admission to the Retro Auto show later that day.

The Retro Auto Galacia is an exhibition of classic cars and motorcycles. Cars older than 1986 will be displayed (older than 1995 for certain makes such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lotus, etc.). Thanks to the Escaravello Club de Galicia, nearly 50 classic Volkwagens will be displayed.

Saab has a special role in the Retro Auto Galacia. There will be at least 13 Saabs displayed in Hall 1 on February 19th only. Cars displayed will include a green Saab 92 (of course, Saab's first cars were all green), a 1957 Saab 93B, 1966 Saab 95 (wagon), 1968 Saab Sonett II, and 1972 Saab 99EMS.

Pour ceux qui ne pourrot rejoindre Spa ce week end pour supporter notre équipage engagé sur les legend boucles , il y a une solution de repli au nord ouest de l'Espagne où le club Saab d'Espagne organise une rencontre autour du salon Retro Auto Galacia où seront exposées quelques 13 Saab anciennes ! Un rallye pour rallier ce salon est proposé au départ de Santiago avec un départ prévu à 10h de l'Hotel Puerta del Camino .

Cependant l'information nous arrivant un peu tard , vous ne pourrez prétendre à participer activement puisque les inscriptions sont closes depuis Vendredi .Donc RDV au Salon directement .

Thanks to Dave from Seattle for the english version !

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Après le rallye, il y aura servi la soupe de Galician! (version anglaise...back to Santiago where tasty Galician stew will be served) Ne pas oublier!

Écrit par : Dave 37 | 16/02/2011

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Bon appétit !

Écrit par : Golfhunter | 16/02/2011

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