Uusikaupunki Automuseo , Finland, the other Saab Museum .

My friend Robert , Saab lover , has posted on Flickr an incredible album of photos he did last week at the Uusikaupunki Automuseo." Its placed just outside the Valmet factory(old Saab factory).
I was told that the museum was founded by a local car collector, and its contains his collections and a lot of Valmet produced cars and valmet prototype cars.
In total its three big rooms with cars, 2 of them is with mostly Saabs, the third contains other brands.
Its a lot of old Saabs, maybe even more than the Saab museum in Trollhättan, Its a fantastic collection of Saabs.
The museum has 14400 visitors every year, and could be open all the year because of money from Valmet Automotive and the city.The factory started in 1968 with saab 99, and i think they made saab 96 as well.

Later 90, 900, 9000 and 900 convertible, 9-3, 9-3 convertible, 9-3 viggen, and more.

I think the valmet factory, was a sister factory to the trollhättan factory, a lot of similar things...

but that not strange when saab has owned it before..."

Thank you Robert !!


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On se réjouit de le visiter cet été :-)

Écrit par : Swisstroll | 23/01/2011

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Nous aussi ;)

Écrit par : Griffin | 24/01/2011

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