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La Saab 9-5 est belle et comme toute belle, elle sait se faire désirer. En effet, les premières informations et images officielles de la déclinaison break, baptisée Estate, de la 9-5, étaient prévues pour aujourd’hui 13h, mais il faudra encore attendre un peu. Quelques heures pour être précis. Car Saab nous a maintenant fixé rendez-vous à 17h. A moins qu’un nouveau contretemps ne survienne ? Sans doute cela ne sera-t-il pas le cas.


Saab Automobile takes the next step in the biggest new product offensive in its history when the much-awaited 9-5 SportCombi is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Sleek and fun-to-drive, the SportCombi adds versatility to the widely acclaimed attributes of the 9-5 sedan and will bring a distinctive, alternative choice to the premium, large wagon segment.

It shares the sedan’s bold, Aero X-inspired looks and features an extended, falling roof-line which culminates in a steeply raked rear screen flanked by signature Saab ‘wraparound’ window glazing. The result is an imposing and sporty wagon with a low stance and a dynamic, visual appeal that concedes nothing to the requirements of load-carrying.

Smart cargo handling features include an adaptable multi-fold floor, flexible U-rail load space configuration and under-floor stowage with a sealed wet storage compartment. A programmable, powered tailgate is also available.

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