12 h de Huy on SEC mag.

Thanks a lot to the Saab enthusiasts club of UK for this publication about our drive at the 12 hours of Huy.

Next step will be The legend Boucles of Spa in next February. (see below)




 Larger images available on Flickr



Following the success of the 12 hours of Huy for a first experience in next February we'll play the legend Boucles de Spa with a Saab 99.

This is historic because since the creation of the"legend"  only Saab 96 and 900 have been involved ! But this is with a Saab 99 that Stig Blomqvist won the race twice in 1976 and 80. So 2011 will commemorates the 35th anniversary  of the first win of a Saab 99.

The budget is solved , our commitment is already gone, but we are still eagerly seeking sponsors for tires, fuel and other fees !


Any small donation even 1 euro *! is welcome to complete this project in the best conditions! Paypal e2m@skynet.be

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