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Omaroo lives in Sydney and he is one of the very few lucky owner of a Saab 900 Enduro .Because that 900 "lives" only in Australia , it's for us in Europe a myth .But fortunately , Omaroo had the great idea to share his passion for this car via a website saab900enduro.com

He has changed his Enduro last month and tells us more about his projects :

"I've sold the white one to another enthusiast in Sydney. He also happens to run a very successful Saab parts salvaging company and rallies his '85 900 Aero on weekends. I bought the blue one to replace it - again from the same original owner as the white one. He was a wealthy art dealer and bought these two off the showroom floor back in early 1981. Both cars stayed in his possession until I bought the white one from him in 2002 and not the blue one just recently.

The new one has 12 months of registration left on it, and it is roadworthy. Given this, I'll drive it around, carrying out only minor repairs on it for this period. The rear hatch and bonnet both need replacing due to rust, so they'll be replaced soon with restored parts. The exhaust manifold needs replacing as it (like all turbo's of that era suffer) is full of cracks in the cast iron. I may yet have a new one made up from steam pipe - but the cost is pretty prohibitive at this point. Apart from that, the paint will do for a few months yet, so it's only a question of making running repairs for a while. I think that I'll replace the gearbox in another few weeks and the pinion is missing a tooth and the gate is sloppy and won't self-centre. Nothing major.

Next year I'll take it off the road completely and strip it back to bare metal. The body will be completely repaired and some small rust areas transplanted with new sheet metal. I'll galvanise it and then repaint it in its original 1980 "Aquamarine Blue Metallic" colour scheme. The engine and drivetrain will undergo a complete overhaul, and the metalwork will be polished or painted back to original quality. It currently runs an electric water pump as the original died a while back and was irreplaceable.

I can account for five surviving examples:

1) My blue one in Sydney, NSW
2) My old white one in Sydney, NSW
3) A white one in Canberra, ACT (Autospeed article)
4) A red one in Hobart, TAS (SU native soil)
5) Another white one in Port Macquarie, NSW."

Congratulations Omaroo for saving and restoring an important part of the Saab Heritage !



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