Musical wink to the 99T by Kurt

This is a video I (Kurt Hoffmann, Saab99Turbo.com Webmaster) produced myself featuring my kids and my 1978 Saab 99 Turbo. Starting in 2007, life circumstances began requiring a weekly 3-hour drive from Redding to Santa Rosa, California. On the upside is the incredible scenery of mountains, lakes and wine country of Northern Calfornia I get to enjoy every week and twisty roads that are perfect for the Saab 99 Turbo. I also wanted to capture the outings I enjoy in my Saabs with my 3 children, whiling away the hours hanging out in a beautiful spot, my oldest playing guitar. I was in bands throughout my 20s and the song is one I wrote and recorded in 1999. Shot on iPhone on Easter 2010 in Redding, Clearlake, Napa Valley, California. Editing by Devan.


Well done KURT !! You rock !!

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Je t'ai piqué ta vidéo ^^ J'adore la 99 Turbo, un jour j'en aurais une ou une flat nose...

Écrit par : Nabu | 28/07/2010

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Pas de soucis ! J'en suis raide dingue également en version Combi .La plus Saab jamais produite pour moi .Enjoy !

Écrit par : Golfhunter | 28/07/2010

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