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Saab Festival in Trollhättan 15-18 July (2010-05-28)
Saab welcomes all Saab enthusiasts to Trollhättan the 15-18 July. We want to show our gratitude towards all of you Saab ambassadoers around the world that supported Saab and stood by the company all along the way. With a new strong and motivated owner a new era has begun for Saab. Naturally, this is something we want to celebrate together with all of you. We're also going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Saab 96 - the car that really put Saab on the international map and is the model that is so closely associated with Erik Carlssons successful career.

The 2010 Festival will in many ways follow the same concept from earlier festivals, with a few exceptions. The date is one such thing. Due to the launch of the new Saab 9-5 it was not possible to have a festival in June as we used to. The time schedule has been another consideration. The fact that it has not been possible to plan for a festival until just recently means that we need all the time we can find to be able to pull off the best festival possible for all you enthusiasts out there.

The choice of date means several advantages. A festival in mid July means than even more people is on vacation and can make it to Trollhättan. In addition, the Festival now coincides with the biggest anual event i Trollhättan - "Fallens dagar" - an event for the whole family with lots an lots of performances, stands, theatre, dance, music and sports events. Also, the waterfalls are activated at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 11 pm every day.

To make things even better yet, the Midnight Sun Rally passes thru Trollhättan on Thursday and Friday. This gives you an unprecedented chance to see and hear more than 20 Saabs, together will 150 other historic cars, in full action on narrow roads outside Trollhättan. If you are the least interested in motorsport this is something you just shouldn't miss.

Someone might miss the day on the racetrack Kinnekulle but the track has been fully booked for a long time and it was just not possible to make it happen this time. But we do think that the Midnight Sun Rally with the opportunity to see, hear and smell historical rally at close range is just as good compensation, if not better.

As usual most activities at the Saab Festival is free of charge. The only thing that cost money is the festival dinner on Saturday night. It is on the other hand well invested money and we do believe you will have a wonderful evening toghether with us. Tasty food of course and a good chance to meet some of all the interesting Saab celebreties will be in the building that evening. More info and booking procedures will come shortly.

See you all in Trollhättan 15-18 July

The Festival Committee
thru Peter Bäckström

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