Saabensdagar 2009 Saab days 2009 Trollhättan

The Saabsdagar is now over, anyway it was a very enjoyable event as usual in Trollhättan.

Atmosphere was fantastic due to the Fallens dagars event the same week-end !

And very interesting with the Midnattssolsrallyt also the same week-end in the area of Trollhättan.

We meet some old and new friends, as particularly Sten-Arvid Larsson who help us some time ago for the topic about the Saab Catherina ! (You can seen Sten-Arvid with the Catherina at the museum last week-end on the photograph below as well as the Belgian team at the front of the museum, thank you Bengt fot the pics !)

















The full Photos report!


At the museum

The Saturday

The Midnattssolsrallyt


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Hello Sten-Arvid !! I hope to have the pleasure to meet you aswell . Greatings from France ! Jeff .

Écrit par : Golfhunter | 23/07/2009

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Hello friends!

It´s time for a new meeting this saturday. Not only Saabs but we are 20-25 cars from the Saab Skånia branch of the Swedish Saabclub. Just look for pictures on my home page on sunday! Sten-Arvid will be there with his 900 cab and I take my little red Sonett.

Pictures from 2008 event:




Écrit par : Bengt in Sweden | 23/07/2009

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Pictures from today´s meeting You find some pictures from today´s hot and sunny meeting at the castle in Landskrona, Scania, Sweden. Not just Saabs but some more vehicles as well. Just use the link.



Écrit par : Bengt in Sweden | 25/07/2009

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Can I use the picture of me and the Saab Catherina at "Saabdagar 09" on my homesite?

Photografers name please!

Thanks a lot in advance :)

Écrit par : Sten-Arvid Larsson | 13/08/2009

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