Very special Saab for sale

2722181623Les habitués du festival de Trollhattan la connaissent bien...elle est à vendre !


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Meeting National FBVA

0005Photo ©E.Morsa0008Photo ©E.Morsa0006Photo ©E.Morsa





0016Photo ©E.Morsa0003Photo ©E.Morsa0015Photo ©E.Morsa





0010Photo ©E.Morsa0019Photo ©E.Morsa0012Photo ©E.Morsa








Photo © E.MORSA

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Expo 58 /2008

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Meeting FBVA

le parking E sera réservé aux visiteurs qui arrivent en ancienne. C’est le parking situé devant les palais n° 11 et 12 de l’Expo de Bruxelles. Le même parking que celui utilisé par l’organisateur de la bourse « Brussels Retro Festival ». Les visiteurs en véhicule moderne sont priés de stationner leur véhicule sur l’avenue de Madrid. il est conseillé aux visiteurs d’arriver à partir de 13.00 heures

Les Saab inscrites seront dans le parking "Suédois" !


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Models !

La Saab 95 avec laquelle Erik Carlsson termina le Monte-Carlo 1961 à la 4é place sera bientôt disponible au 1/43 grâce à Neo Models !

Thanks to Neo models the Saab 95 with which Erik Carlsson finished 4 th at Monte-carlo 1961 will be available soon as model car scale 1/43 !


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Neu ...

La 9-4 x en version définitive pour fin 2009 et une Saab dans la catégorie de la Vw Golf pour fin 2010 !..tel est ce qu’écrit AutoMotor Und Sport .

The 9-4 x SUV for end of 2009 and a « Golf «  sized Saab one year later …from. AutoMotor Und Sport .


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Du nouveau à la tête de GM Europe en matière de communications produits

Joe Jacuzzi to lead all GME Product and Brand Communications

Zurich / Luton. As of June 1, Joe Jacuzzi (40) will be responsible for all brand, product development and technology communications for GM Europe. In his new function as General Director GME Product and Brand Communications, Jacuzzi will move to Ruesselsheim Germany, and will also be the lead communications executive for the Ruesselsheim campus. All brand PR teams at Opel, Chevrolet, Vauxhall, Saab and Cadillac/Corvette/HUMMER will report to him. Joe Jacuzzi has led the GM UK & I PR operation for the past year, creating a strong and cohesive team. He will continue to report to Christopher J. Preuss, Vice President GME Communications, based in Zurich.

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A fantastic video found on youtube !

Midnattsolsrallyt 2007, Sweden. Clip from ss 16, ss 18 and ss 19. © Jobergg

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Rally with classic 900...


 Thanks to Matti Johansson, for these nices videos : Maati's website


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Saab Race and rally Rescue car

Les saab de secours du Motor club Suédois pour les épreuves sportives.

Svenska bilsportförbundet 


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Trollhättan LIVE !

Thanks to Webbkameror.se ,you can see our favourit town live !

It's the crossing of Torggatan and Osterlanggatan , on your right it's the Karl Johans torg.


Grâce à Webbkameror.se,vous pouvez voir notre ville favorite,en direct !

Il s 'agit du Carrefour entre Torggatan et Osterlanggatan en face qui longe le  canal göta  et à droite se trouve la Karl Johans torg. 



Karl Johans torg

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Saab 96 Roadster !

It’s probably one of the most amazing Saab I ever seen ,and undoubtedly , the most « sexy » 96 !

This 96 « roadster » was made ten years ago by a body worker near Trollhättan from two 96,one from 1971 (the base) but the windscreen and the grill came from a 1965 model, they’re lateral reinforcements (see photo.) and a 1700cc V 4 under the bonnet .

This car is now owned by Mr Bouvard from Grenoble France ,weel know in music world as Septime Sévère ,and on the net as « Golfhunter« ,a great Saab enthusiast .


C’est probablement la plus étonnante Saab qu ’il m ’aie été donné de voir ,et indubitablement la plus « Sexy » des 96 !

Ce « roadster » 96 à été construit par un carrossier Suédois proche de Trollhättan , il y a 10 Ans, en utilisant en fait deux 96 ,une de 1971 (la base) et une de 1965 qui donnera entres autres sa calandre et son pare-brise , la voiture dispose de renforcements latéraux (voir photo.),et d’un V4 de 1700cc sous le capot.

Cette voiture appartiens depuis peu à Mr. Bouvard de Grenoble ,bien connu dans le monde musical sous le nom de Septime Sévère et sur le net comme  « Golfhuner«, un vrai amoureux de la marque !





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2437646113_2dc617b92e_o2446897262_63f5038814_oNouvelle image

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Journée Suédoise en Angleterre

Un de mes « frères d ‘armes Britannique » Saab enthousiaste a eu l ’excellente idée d ’organiser au célèbre Haynes Museum, une journée Suédoise ouverte aux amateurs de Saab bien entendu ,mais aussi de Volvo ( c’est une autre marque Suédoise ,vous connaissez peut être ? ) .. Ce fut une grande réussite avec de nombreuses voitures de toutes époques ,de la 96 à la Turbo X !

Comme vous pouvez le lire ci-dessous dans le communiqué de Robin , l’organisateur ,il nous donne rendez -vous le 26 avril 2009 !

One of my « British brother in arms « Saab enthusiast had the great idea to organise a Swedish day at the famous Haynes Museum, a Swedish day for Saab drivers of course but also open to the Volvo ( it’s another Swedish car maker,you maybe know ? )…..It was a great success with lot of cars from 96 to Turbo X !

As you read below on Robin release , he’ s awaiting us on 26th April 2009 !

















Plus de photos / more pictures .


Dear Driver

As you know I organized a Swedish Day here in the West Country at Haynes International Motor Museum, Sparkford.

The day was a fantastic success with everybody commenting on what a great day they had had.

The gates to the museum opened at just before 9am and we got down to getting the party tents erected. A few of the early arrivals helped and with-in the hour we were ready. By 10am a good dozen Saabs had turned up and we started to park them round the car park area that we had been reserved by Haynes.

By about 11.30 we had a very nice gathering of Saabs then the first Volvo turned up with a cheer from the Saab owners. After all it was a Swedish Day. The Volvo was a very smart gold C70.

During the day we had a total of 41 different cars turn up. A couple of Saabs did turn up as visitors to the museum so were invited to park with us. It was great to talk to so many enthusiasts.

The oldest car was a very beautifully kept 1968 Volvo 144 from a local man here in Yeovil. The newest car or I should say cars were a pair of Saab 9-3 Turbo X’s, both picked up earlier this week. One an estate and the other a saloon. A visitor from Germany on holiday in the West Country came along to the event too in his Volvo V40.

The Saabs and Volvo’s came from many places in the UK. Kent, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, West Midlands, Oxfordshire, West Sussex and here in Somerset.

Almost all the Saabs from the 99 & 96 to the newest models were on view. You will see a gallery of all those who entered at
www.swedishday.co.uk, I hope I didn’t miss anybody out.

The other attraction of being at Haynes was the Museum. Everybody who signed their car in received a couple of tickets to get in the museum at a reduced rate. Almost everybody took a visit to enjoy the great cars within the Museum. The children had the play park as well, go-karts, diggers as well as the wooden fort/climbing frame. None of them looked bored.

During the day there were two judging competitions going on. One was named “The Most Admired” and was sponsored by Dave and Wendy from the “Designs on Something” embroidery company. Each entrant was given the task of choosing their Most Admired car at the show. The second was “Best in Show”, sponsored by Peter Swann from “The GB Motor Book Company” As Pete said it was very difficult to choose one as there were a great many “Best” cars, so he decided to ask himself, Which car would I like to travel home in?

The results for Most Admired were, 1st, David Dallimore with his Saab 99 Turbo in black & 2nd, Mark Smith with a Saab 99L in white. The Best in Show award went to Isabel Rankin in her Saab Classic 900 Convertible in red. You can see pictures of the winners at

I would like to thank everybody for supporting this event in its first year, the helpers, the two sponsors mentioned above, Tim and Haynes Museum for the location, Cheryl at Saab GB for arranging the banners and flags, my friends Simon, Pete & Alex for the constant support, the forums and blogs on the internet and my wife Kerry and daughter Azabeth. But the biggest thank you goes to all those lovely Saab’s and Volvo’s that came along on the day.

See you next year, Sunday the 26th April sounds like a good date.


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