Saab festival "best of"


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Saab Festival 2007 Saab 60th anniversary

Last week-end i was lucky to take part at the anniversary Saab festival in Trollhättan Sweden.


This festival was great and extremely warm, lot of people to meet,old and new friends,a great evening dinner,visit of the museum,visit of ANA facilities,the day track at Kinnekulle ,and of course 1000's of very nice Saab !


The city of Trollhättan is also particularely enjoyable,inhabitants and shopkeeper extremely nice and pleasant.


I would like to thanks Mr. Jan Åke Jonsson (CEO of Saab) for his great kindness .

and also from ANA Petra Hultberg for his great competence and Stefan Bjöklund for his Extremely great kindness !


Etienne Morsa

Full Photo report Here  !



See you in Latvia in 2008 , but before that do not forget theEuropean Saab meeting in HUY !






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9-3 TTid 2008

Pour son millésime 2008 la 9-3 s'offre un double turbo diesel de 180cv et 400Nm de couple !

cette version "super" diesel sera même livrable en finition "Aéro" !

Enfin la "vrai" Aéro  2.8 v6 turbo essence pourra quant à elle recevoir une transmission a quatres roues motrices !

































New Two-stage Turbo Diesel Sets Class Benchmark

The new 9-3 range features the introduction of a powerful new four cylinder diesel engine with a unique two-stage turbocharging system, a world ‘first’ in the premium segment, giving class-leading levels of efficiency.


The 1.9-liter, 16-valve engine, badged TTiD, produces 180 hp/ 132 kW and 400 Nm of maximum torque, specific power outputs that are unmatched among competitor products on the market. With combined fuel consumption of 5.9 l/100k projected in the Sport Sedan, this engine also offers excellent economy, together with in-gear performance on a par with the 2.8V6 turbo gasoline engine


The two-stage turbocharger housing is integrated with the exhaust manifold and contains two turbochargers of different sizes. The pair of turbine/compressor wheels are sequentially mounted and each is able to by-pass the input and output feeds of the other, while also being able to operate in tandem




In recognition of its outstanding performance, the Saab TTiD engine is available in Aero specification, as well as Linear and Vector. It comes with a choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.


Saab XWD

An active all-wheel-drive system (Saab XWD) is designed to optimize handling and stability in all driving conditions. It is offered as an option on Aero variants, together with an uprated 280 hp, 2.8V6 turbo engine.  This state-of-the-art system includes innovative developments in wheel slip management the use of an electronically-controlled, rear limited-slip differential. It comes with a choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmission



Quelques photos supplémentaires prisent en Suède / some more pics catched in Sweden last week







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Me voici donc de retour après un Saab festival haut en couleurs et surtout en température, il faisait extrêmement chaud en suède le week-end dernier !


Dès le jeudi la vente de pièces du SDCC eut un grand succès du plus petit accessoire à la capote complète ,tout le monde pouvait y trouver son bonheur !








Le vendredi m’a enfin laisser le temps de me balader un peu au musé où l’ont pouvait découvrir  la 96 du Pearl racing qui viens de faire la  Panamericana Mexicaine et aussi entres autres une 900 3 portes nez plat  d’ Anders Norstedt.









Le Samedi c’est sous un soleil brûlant que l’ ont retrouvait tout le monde sur le Kinnekullering où il y en avait pour tous les goûts de la 92 à la Viggen !








Le Soir nous nous retrouvions à plus de 1600 personnes ,pour le dîner d’anniversaire de Saab !   IMG_5130







Enfin le dimanche toujours sous un soleil torride des centaines de Saab et de Saabistes se retrouvaient aux alentours du musé ,pour le grand rassemblement final et la présentation de la 9-3 my 2008 !   IMG_5279IMG_5277IMG_5248





















C’était aussi l’occasion rare de voir rouler la Ursaab 92001 (la toute première Saab ) ou aussi l’EV-1  (prototype sur base de 900 de 1985)












Plus de photos/More Photos !

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Saab festival 2007

Reportage photo complet !

Full Photo report !

Saab Bilmuseum

Kinnekulle Saturday

Trollhättan anniversary dinner Saturday

Trollhättan Sunday meeting

saab 9-5 Biopower

New 9-3 2008

Trollhättan City



More pictures from Ostgotasaabklubb

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Saab festival !!

The Saab festival was fantastic again this year , but the weather here in sweden is Extremely HOT !!!!

Full report with 1000s Photos, at the end of the week !


Le Saab festival fut une fois de plus excellent , mais il fait une chaleur extreme !!

reportge complet avec un millier de photos fin de cettesemaine !


Etienne  in Trollättan 

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9-3 Aero-X

Future Saab !


De source très bien informée nous sommes en droit d’attendre après la « new 9-3 » en septembre 2007, une super 9-3 aero V6 2.8 T , 4 roues motrices de 280cv  en Mars 2008 (Genève) que certains appelle « Black turbo » mais dont le nom devrait être 9-3 Aero-x !!..un nom plutôt évocateur !  


En Septembre 2008 une 9-3 « Cross-over » , et enfin en Mars 2009 une « Full-New 9-5 » ..Que de bonnes choses en perspectives !


Next Saab !


We will expect after the « New » 9-3 in september 2007 , a super Aero V6 2.8 T 4WD 280Hp in March 2008 (Geneva) so called “Black turbo” by some peoples ,but the right name will be “9-3 Aero-x” ….very evocative !


In September 2008 a 9-3 “Crossover” , and in March 2009 a “Full New” 9-5 !!….Lot of very attractive things !

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Carlsson's Choice:

Les 6 Saab préférés d'Eric Carlsson !









Saab 60th Anniversary

Carlsson's Choice: Erik Selects Six Favorites from Saab's Hall of Fame

The career of Eric (Mr Saab) Carlsson, international rallying’s first superstar, spans six decades. It has taken him from test driving in Trollhättan, to the top of the podium in Monte Carlo and on to a globe-trotting role as Saab’s international ambassador. Here Erik chooses his six favorite Saabs, one from each decade. His recollections, and the cars themselves, tell the story of how the automotive aspirations of an aircraft manufacturer took wing


Carlsson’s Choice:
Saab 92 (1950)

Monocoque construction, 2-door sedan, front-wheel-drive
Two cylinder, 2-stroke, 764 cc. 3-speed gearbox
Max. power: 25 hp @ 3,800 rpm. Max. torque: 59 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
Max speed: 105 kph.

Saab 96 (1960)
Monocoque construction, 2-door sedan, front-wheel-drive
Three cylinder, 2-stroke, 841 cc. 4-speed gearbox
Max power: 38 hp @ 4,250 rpm. Max torque: 80 Nm @ 3,000 rpm
Max speed: 125 kph. 0-100 kph: 25.6 secs

Saab 99 Turbo (1977)
Monocoque construction, 3-door hatchback, front-wheel-drive
Four cylinder, turbocharged, 1985 cc. 4-speed gearbox
Max. power: 145 hp @ 5,000 rpm. Max torque: 235 Nm @ 3,000 rpm
Max speed: 198 kph. 0-100 kph: 8.9 secs

Saab 900 Turbo Convertible (1986)
Two-door convertible, powered soft-top, four-seater, front-wheel-drive
Four cylinder, turbocharged, 1985 cc. 5-speed gearbox
Max power: 175 hp @ 5,300 rpm. Max torque: 273 Nm @ 3,000 rpm
Max speed: 205 kph. 0-100 kph: 8.7 secs

Saab 9000CS Aero (1993)
Monocoque construction, 5-door hatchback, front-wheel-drive
Four cylinder, turbocharged, 2290 cc. 5-speed gearbox
Max power: 225 hp @ 5,500 rpm. Max torque: 350 Nm @ 1,950 rpm
Max speed: 240 kph. 0-100 kph: 6.9 secs

Saab Aero X Concept (2006)
Monocoque construction, 2-seater coupé, canopy opening, all-wheel-drive
V6 BioPower, twin turbochargers, 2792 cc. 7-speed gearbox
Max. power: 400 hp @ 5,000 rpm. Max. torque: 500 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
Max speed: 250 kph (limited). 0-100 kph: 4.9 secs (projected)


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