Saab Festival 2007 Saab 60th anniversary

Last week-end i was lucky to take part at the anniversary Saab festival in Trollhättan Sweden.


This festival was great and extremely warm, lot of people to meet,old and new friends,a great evening dinner,visit of the museum,visit of ANA facilities,the day track at Kinnekulle ,and of course 1000's of very nice Saab !


The city of Trollhättan is also particularely enjoyable,inhabitants and shopkeeper extremely nice and pleasant.


I would like to thanks Mr. Jan Åke Jonsson (CEO of Saab) for his great kindness .

and also from ANA Petra Hultberg for his great competence and Stefan Bjöklund for his Extremely great kindness !


Etienne Morsa

Full Photo report Here  !



See you in Latvia in 2008 , but before that do not forget theEuropean Saab meeting in HUY !






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